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Liqvid Media is an a-to-z filmproduction company based in Munich, Germany.

We produce event films, 360°/VR Video, corporate films, commercials, content for TV, branded entertainment and product teasers and handle everything from concept over production to post-production and distribution.

Bringing a film to life is our passion. From the very start to the final movie we make every client’s project our personal matter by using all of our know-how and passion.

To achieve the highest possible production value we utilize state of the art camera movement systems and imaging technology.

Max Weishaupt

Max Liqvid Media


Matthias Kuhn

Matthias Geschäftsführer Liqvid Media




Liqvid Media GmbH
Am Hochacker 2
85630 Grasbrunn

Liqvid Media GmbH
Kidlerstraße 10
81371 München

WhatsApp: +89 209 853 73
Phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 209 853 73

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