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LiqVid Media is an a-to-z filmproduction company based in Munich, Germany.

We produce movies for industry and marketing applications and handle everything from concept over production to post-production and distribution.

Bringing a film to life is our passion. From the very start to the final movie we make every client’s project our personal matter by using all of our know-how and passion.

To achieve the highest possible production value we utilize state of the art camera movement systems and imaging technology.

Max Weishaupt

Max is originally a studied audio engineer and has since been working in the camera department on projects of every size and genre.

Whether it’s a full blown commercial shoot or guerilla style documentary projects, he has been through all of it and is quick to find solutions that work.

In his free time he is passionate about analog photography and mustard.

Matthias Kuhn

Matthias passed his master degree in Communication Science and has since been working as media designer for leading Broadcasting Companies.

Through his experience in On-Air promotion, live-broadcasting and marketing he learned how to never miss the communication goals even if the circumstances sometimes seem to go crazy.

In his free time he is passionate about sports, the pug and pasta.



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